The course contains chapters on:

1. What is art

2. Types of Fine Art

Pre renaissance, Post renaissance, Abstract and Contemporary art.

3. Language of Art

Lines, Shapes, Form, Textures, Unity Balance, Scale ,Proportion Rhythm.

4. Purpose of Art

Portray People, Endeavour, Culture, Religion, Social Issues, Immortalize, Uncover Truth, Landscapes, Fantasy Embellishment, Condemn Injustice, Sell Products, & Conceptualize art.

5. Art Mediums

Frescos, Tempera, Oil, Acrylic, Water colour, Pen & ink, Pastels, Pencil,Charcoal, Prints, Digital art & Sculpture.

6. History & Styles

Realistic Art till Renaissance & Indian Art.

7. Post Renaissance

Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Surrealism, Fauvism, Cubism, Abstract, Expressionism,Pop Art, Op Art, & Conceptual Art.

The correspondence course 'Understanding Art' will teach you about all the ART types since the early years, through Renaissance period, till the present times. The course material, ‘ ART Made easy to understand ’ has 375 images, explained in an easy to understand manner.


Realistic art is the representation of reality,covering a range of subjects from Landscapes, Portraiture, Still lifes, Culture, Legends, History, Glamour, Royalty, Social issues ....


In expressionistic style of art, the artists, in order to express their own beliefs and emotions, distort the images of reality, as evoked by the subject.


Art that intentionally avoids depicting reality and realistic representation of objects, in a painting. Abstract art dominates the art of the 21st century.