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Sanskruti is synonymous with Interior design education through correspondence. What started as a fledgling set up over 15 years ago has expanded and spread it’s wings to cover studentship from over 120 cities in the country and with students registered from over 25 countries in the world.

The design field is evolving and constantly absorbing new discoveries and approaches. Sanskruti’s objective is to keep abreast of new advancements in the interior field, and include information and imagery from around the world, to make the SANSKRUTI course up to date.

A discipline intrinsic to Interior design is the field of Fine Arts. There is rarely an Interior completed without paintings and art objects, including sculpture where possible. Art is a wonderful addition to any contemporary interior. Well chosen art spices up an interior and adds elan.

In keeping with the Institutes purpose of constant up gradation, Sanskruti is proud to present a new course in 'Understanding Art'. The course material consists of a book ‘ART Made easy to understand’, which presents the language of art in an easy to comprehend manner, to the layman interested in grasping the nuances and appreciating the immensely wide canvas of art. The book covers the finer points regarding art purpose, art mediums, various styles pursued by artists over the ages and design language. Art in any form can be an unending source of immense joy for a lifetime.

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